About Us

New Novelty is a destination for online shopping in Mumbai, offering some of the best prices and a completely hassle-free experience with option of paying through Cash on Delivery or pick up & payless. It is a new version of e-store for our existing esteemed customers with wide range of existing and new products also available at our retail outlet Novelty Corner (Malad).

 At New Novelty we strive to provide better service with personalized approach. Now shop 24*7 for your favorite books, baby care products, toys, games, household appliances, stationery in easy hassle freeway. Some of the top selling brands are Bloomsbury, Toy-Kraft, Olympia, Mattel toys, Rup Ratna , Fun Skool , Tuppeer Were Binca Blaze Marketing Personalised Gifts Choclate Boxes Etc.

Currently we are providing two locations for our pick up option- Mahim & Malad.

So whether you want some good fairy tale books, crayons to show how good you are at art, play station for some cool action or toys to make your little one smile- New Novelty will always be there to welcome you home.